Mission Statement

    Strait Auction is the latest venture in a string of successful Saint Louis based family businesses that span real estate, logistics, and salvage. Our mission is to provide St Louis and its surrounding areas with an engaging, streamlined means for buying and selling merchandise in an environment that is safe and clean.

Areas of Focus
We specialize in the liquidation of:

- Tractor, Farming, and Landscaping Equipment
- Gyms, Spas, Tanning, and Fitness Centers
- Vending and Video Arcades
- Packaged Foods and Dry Goods
- Commercial Baking, Cooking, Kitchen Equipment and Smallwares
- Automobiles, Car Parts, Motorcycles, ATVs, and Boats
- Computers, Digital Real Estate, Networking Hardware
- Power Tools and Heavy Machinery
- Medical and Dental Equipment, Wheelchairs and Scooters, Lab Supplies
- Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs
- Church, Studio, DJ Gear, Audio and Recording Equipment
- Office and Residential Furniture
- Insurance Claims, Salvage, Store Returns


We believe variety is the spice of life. Strait Auction works hand in hand with 3 of the top 20 trucking companies and 4 of the top 20 rail freight networks to bring bidders hundreds of unique items every week. From power tools and hunting gear to electronics and beauty supplies.


We believe a picture is worth a thousand bids. And a video is worth a thousand more. Presentation is #1 when it comes to ensuring top dollar for your items.That's why we strive to maintain consignment and distribution centers that are dry, organized, well lit, and free from rodents and pests. Some auctioneers use royalty-free stock photos to portray their business. Every picture you see on StraitAuction.com is of our actual facilities.


We believe you deserve a great deal. If you snag a $2,000 item for $200, congratulations! Est quad est. Make sure to come back and buy some more. And tell your friends! We pledge to never extend auction times or withdraw items prior to closing, which brings us to our final point.. 

Thou Shalt Not Shill

  As an auctioneer we've taken a firm stance against  'shill bidding' which is, unfortunately, an all-too-common practice within the industry. Shill bidding is commited when an auctioneer or affiliate seller places bids on their own items, or employs the help of friends, family, or employees to drive up the price of lots or provoke a bidding war. 


  Some auction companies, from big commercial liquidators all the way down to small Mom-and-Pop operations, use the administrative abilities of their software to monitor and manipulate max bids in real-time. As a bidder, have you ever watched as the current bid on a lot rose to an amount that was oddly close to your max bid? Have you secured a winning bid late at night only to have the auction extended by an additional 2 hours?


   As a business, have you had your assets auctioned to only later find them for sale on the liquidators sales floor? All of these examples can be symptoms of shill bidding. At Strait Auction we recognize this conflict of interest and likewise are working with a third party to develope a national verification program that auctioneers can choose to opt into.


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